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Personalized Diet Plans

Dr. Hatahet evaluates your metabolic rate and other health conditions through clinical testing and questionnaires, to determine the best diet and fitness plan for you. Your physician is an expert in identifying medical and social conditions that may hinder your weight-loss, and will help in tackling them to put you back on track. Structured diets , exercise, and potential prescription medications are individualized for each patient following your initial visit.

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Extensive initial visit

 During your initial medical evaluation along Dr. Hatahet will conduct clinical testing to rule out any underlying medical conditions that might be the cause of your excess weight gain or aid in your inability to lose weight. In addition to assessing your personal, social and physical ability to tolerate medications, diet and exercise.

prescription weight-loss medication

Diet and fitness plans are sometimes difficult to implement and adhere to early on during the process of reaching your goal weight. Sometimes medical conditions can affect your ability to lose weight. We help treat these conditions using proven medications to help you stay on track.



We will soon be offering tele-visits for QUALIFYING weight loss patients.